Hey there, thanks for stopping by my website! I'm still learning a bit of HTML so pardon if some pages look more polished than others. Feel free to use the links on the left to navigate around!

News & Updates

09/26/2018: Brushing some dust off this ol' website! I will be taking down the Original Characters pages temporarily to rework them. I am also adding new playlists to the Jukebox, so go check it out!

10/24/2016: Adding some halloween decorations to the site, also took down my Personal Favorite Video Game Music playlist temporarily in anticipation of a remake after the Halloween season.
10/20/2016: Added more images to the Original Characters pages. I'm working on making the pages themselves, hang tight!

Ruins playlist was added to the jukebox page. Various minor tweaks have been added around the website, including social media links on the front page as well as a donate button.


Added a Jukebox page, added new OC pages, overhauled the friends page with info on my friends+links to their blogs, added project promos to friends page.


Edited the Layout color schemes a bit, added an art gallery to Myrna's page in the Original Characters Gallery.


Hi friends, if you're reading this, could you please take a moment to follow this link and possibly donate to help a dear friend of mine?

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About Me

Hey, I'm glad you bothered to read this! My name is Robin, I'm a college student (current major is Human Services) and I enjoy writing and mucking around in RPG Maker! I am a nonbinary bisexual and I live in an apartment with my partner Robby. I'm a Pisces and my MBTI is ISFP. I'm the oldest of two siblings, and my sister lives one state down from me. My favorite color is purple and my favorite animal is the rabbit!