This page is dedicated to keeping a record of all my OCs. They will be sorted by the story/universe they were made for, and they will have a picture linking to their profile page. Some of these pages won't work but don't panic! It just means I haven't finished making their profile page yet. Thanks for your patience in the meantime. Enjoy your stay!

Serpent Witch

These characters are from a RP with my friend Drew. Well, originally it was supposed to be ONE character but I got a little... carried away. Also despite the fact the title of this section refers to Myrna I consider Drew's character Tenyr as a deuteragonist to Myrna as well.

Tabletop RP Characters

This is a list of characters whom I mainly utilize in tabletop games a la D&D or Pathfinder!

Gryphon's Eye

This is a fantasy story that I've had in my head since elementary school! It's gone through a ton of changes over the years, but maybe one day I'll finally get around to actually writing it!

Harmony Saga

Something of a newer project, and a different incarnation of a project from high school that had to be scrapped for undisclosed reasons. It's a fun fantasy story about eight girls saving the world! I'm excited to have a project with a largely female cast!