History of Nihen

The following page chronicles the history of the world of Nihen, from its creation into the modern day. As a point of reference, the timeframe of Song of Sages takes place in the years 1311-1313.

The Creation

Nihen was created by twelve gods (alongside sun and moon deities who play a much lesser role in the modern faith) who appeared from the empty void. After creating the world, they started creating mortals to live in it: elves, dwarves, endracot, etc. The gods gave them the power of magic to use as tools to navigate and explore the world. And for a time things were peaceful.

The Rift War

Then around the year 193, a strange magical explosion happened and two worlds became attached to Nihen: Elysia, which was dominated by angel-like beings, and Ribyss, which was dominated by demon-like beings. It turns out Elysia and Ribyss as worlds were already familiar with each other and began warring over which of them had the right to "dominate" Nihen. This turned into a long and violent war, with the people of Nihen often caught in the middle when they weren't actively fighting off the forces of Elysia and Ribyss. The gods did what they could, but even they lacked the power to intervene against beings that existed beyond their creations.

Introduction of Humanity

Desperate to aid their mortal creations, the gods decided to recreate the same interdimensional magic that had brought Elysia and Ribyss in contact with Nihen. Their goal was to summon extra help from another world: Earth (a world known only as "the Old Human World" to the modern Nihenese individual). However, their attempt at an intentional recreation of such a powerful and chaotic magic meant the humans they pulled from Earth came from different time periods and places, and they often ended up further scattered and confused upon their arrival. Some of the humans were more than happy to help, others weren't. Regardless of their feelings, however, these humans did what they did best: they used their tenacity to explore and survive in a place they've never called home.

The Sages and the Seals

It was precisely this tenacity that made the humans such stalwart allies in the war against Elysia and Ribyss, and to this end the gods decided to grant their blessings of magic unto the displaced humans as well. Among the humans who took most keenly to magic, word of a potential alliance began to stir. The humans who wished to aid Nihen reached out to the other races, extending an idea: work together to create a means of sealing away the gates to Elysia and Ribyss, so that Nihen's people could find respite from the seemingly endless war.

Eventually twelve individuals step forth from the alliance, most from different races. These twelve individuals volunteered themselves before the gods to become not only the "power" that created and holds those seals, but also symbols of unity between their people. Their request was granted, and each individual was given an artifact of great power attuned to their magic. These objects, and the souls of their bearers, would become the seals that would bring the Rift War to an end.

These twelve individuals were known as the Sages, and would become revered as saints for centuries to come.