Lore Dump

This is my lore dump page, so I can work on it when I'm on a computer with certain internet restrictions that prevent me from accessing Google Drive

Nihen Calendar

The calendar in Nihen is 12 months, each with 28 days. This means a year in Nihen is 336 days long. Each month is named after the month's "full moon" and ends in "mat", a word that means "month/moon". When translating real world dates to Nihen's calendar, I made this handy guide:

Wolmat - January

Snomat - February

Cromat - March

Pimat - April

Flomat - May

Stramat - June

Bumat - July

Stumat - August

Harmat - September

Hunmat - October

Mourmat - November

Yulmat - December

The Twelve Gods

These are the gods that are worshipped by the dominant (but not only!) religion, Zwelfianism. The twelve attunements of magic can be tied back to these deities.

  • Nomish, god of Earth
  • Ondine, goddess of Water
  • Sylfaer, god of Wind
  • Salamand, god of Fire
  • Quercus, god of Plants (child of Nomish, sibling of Silvaber and Aurum)
  • Silvaber, god of Beasts (son of Nomish, brother of Quercus and Aurum)
  • Aurum, god of Ore (son of Nomish, brother of Quercus and Silvaber)
  • Nemura, goddess of Love & Beauty (her magical domain is "Charm"--she is the daughter of Ondine and Sinalune)
  • Saphiris, goddess of Life & Death (her magical domain is "Soul"--she is the daughter of Sylfaer)
  • Lumine, god of Light (son of Salamand, twin of Umbra)
  • Umbra, goddess of Shadow (daughter of Salamand, twin of Lumine)
  • Diore, goddess of the Forge and Creation (shes basically the goddess of any sort of crafting occupation. She's also the only mortal-born god.)

Additional Deities

Deities who are not recognized as part of Zwelfianism, but whom maintain a solid following or whom hold a significant role in various cultures across Nihen.

  • Solugh, god of the Sun
  • Sinalune, goddess of the Moon (lover of Ondine and thus mother of Nemura)

Superstitions & Other Minor Beliefs

These things aren’t necessarily objectively true, but they are things that people in Nihen may believe nonetheless.

  • 2, 3, 4, and 6 are considered very lucky numbers because they're factors of 12. When traveling outside of established settlements, most people try to move in groups of these numbers in hopes of warding off misfortune on the road.
  • Referring to someone as your “moon” or “ocean” (to invoke the image of Sinalune and Ondine) is considered to be incredibly, deeply romantic.