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Content/Trigger Warning: The story & characters in Song of Sages contains and deals with a few difficult and heavy topics, such as child abuse/neglect, toxic/manipulative relationships, cults, grief/death, and violence. Further content warnings will be placed on relevant character pages for backstory topics that may not be fully explored in the final narrative, so please read on with caution.


Song of Sages is a fantasy adventure story set in a world where mortals must work to protect themselves from the immortal beings known as Elysians and Ribyssians, whose long and bitter conflict with one another has led them to use the world of Nihen as their battleground.

The heart of the story, however, centers on a young scholar of magic named Aquaries who sets out on a journey far from his cloistered home to find out the secrets behind his uncle's disappearance and the strange cloak that was left behind in Aquaries's name.

Along the way, he meets a variety of fellow mages who have their own goals and agendas which all seem to converge on one thing: the legends of the Sages, who once commanded the power of the gods themselves to seal away the Elysians and Ribyssians, and the mystery of why the seals seem to have faded...


This section is still heavily under construction. Character images below will eventually lead to pages where you can read more about each character!

Aquaries's "Party"

Our protagonist and his traveling companions.

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New Harmonia

Members of the New Harmonian cult, whose goals lie in seizing control of the world for Elysia and Ribyss.

Ordered by appearance

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Sage Alliance - Carmost

Members of the Sage Alliance who are stationed in the Carmost region.

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Sage Alliance - Mystraveil/Labyrintha

Members of the Sage Alliance who are stationed in the Mystraveil region.

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Sage Alliance - Azura

Members of the Sage Alliance who are stationed in the Azura region

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Sage Alliance - Theslia

Members of the Sage Alliance who are stationed on the isles of Theslia

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