Welcome to the Asterian Atelier, the place where you can find various creative projects of mine! To further examine a project, just click or tap one of the banners below.


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Song of Sages - A JRPG-inspired fantasy adventure centered around a young scholar of magic as he sets out to uncover the mysteries behind his missing uncle and the truth of an ancient war whose battles still echo into the present.


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Astral Universe - A zodiac-themed space fantasy adventure set in a distant galaxy, about the lone survivor of a lost planet and her search across the stars to find a way to rebuild home.


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Angel's Blade - A supernatural action story set in a city dominated by two factions: monster and monster slayers. When a young monster hunter has a near-fatal encounter with a gang of monsters, he's saved by a young monster girl herself, who offers him some of her life force. In the process, their souls, bodies, and very lives become irreversibly linked, making them outsiders to their own kind… (Project page coming soon)