Robin & Friends

Welcome to my Friends page! This is where I dump things involving my friends, including promoting their commissions sales and personal projects!

Meet the Friends

Name: Robby
Age: 24 years old
About: My partner of 9 years! 6'5" and smokin' hot. They love Nintendo, Let's Plays, and nature(particularly arthropods). They're currently in college, planning to major in Women and Gender Studies! If they were a robot, they would be the best robot. Their main blog can be found here, and they have an art blog here

Name: Jenny
Age: 24 years old
About: The best friend you could ever ask for. An adorable trans lady artist from PA, and Robby and I's friend since high school! She likes cartoons, comics, games, drawing/writing, cool animals, neat character designs, the power of friendship, pizza parties and YOU! She's also a powerful pizza witch and her main blog can be found here!

Name: Drew
Age: 18 years old
About: A lean mean meme machine in her first year at LCAD! Also a big time bestie! She is very good at naming dragons, has a cute crested gecko named Scooter, and her blog can be found here!


This section will be updated in the future, stay tuned!

Inside Jokes

A personal scrapbook of things my friends and I remember fondly. And with laughter.