Robin & Friends

Welcome to my Friends page! This is where I dump things involving my friends, including promoting their commissions sales and personal projects!

Meet the Friends

Name: Robby
Age: 22 years old
About: My boyfriend of 7 years! 6'5" and smokin' hot. He loves Nintendo, Let's Plays, and nature(particularly arthropods). He's currently in college, planning to major in Social Work! If he was a robot, he would be the best robot. His main blog can be found here.

Name: Jenny
Age: 22 years old
About: The best friend you could ever ask for. An adorable trans lady artist from PA, and Robby and I's friend since high school! She likes cartoons, comics, games, drawing/writing, cool animals, neat character designs, the power of friendship, pizza parties and YOU! She's also a powerful pizza witch and her main blog can be found here!

Name: Dan
Age: 21 years old
About: Kaiju expert, meme master, and Actual Dad of Clementine. The Ultimate Parentfriend. Interested in Batman, kaiju movies, Metal Gear Solid, and SOME HIGH QUALITY ANIME (Big O, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, One-Punch Man). He has a totally cute moth girl OC and he's working on a webcomic starring her! His main blog can be found here!

Name: Sean
Age: 22 years old
About: A mega weeb, but we love him. Long-time friend and pretty cool guy. He's into a ton of anime and games and he's working on becoming a game dev. His blog is found here.

Name: Kaitie/Moody
Age: 18 years old
About: Writer for SEGAbits. A translady living in GA who wants to write, make games, and work in general entertainment. She's a fan of Jet Set Radio, Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt, The Gorillaz, and loads more! You can find her blog here!

Name: Mina
Age: 23 years old
About: Writer, artist, and total sweetheart! Almost certainly has the most fictional spouses out of all of us, but maybe I'll catch up. You can find their blog here!

Name: Mel
Age: 25? 26? I always remember they're older than me but i cant recall by how much.
About: An Ace of Spades with the voice of an angel. They're currently attempting to get out of their abusive household, so Donations Would Help Greatly! Enjoys a good cup of tea and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Find their blog here.

Name: Alyssa
Age: 24 years old (actually only about two months younger than me!)
About: Animation student at LCAD! A lady who likes cute things and funky music. She also really, really digs robots. She's working on a cute monster boy dating sim(which you should totally check out in Projects below WINK WINK SHOVE)! You can also find her main blog here!

Name: Drew
Age: 16 years old
About: Memedaughter. Woman of Egg. Precious and adorable human being, just a beautiful cinnamon roll. Has a cute(but really sad) OC named Tenyr and is extremely good at naming dragons. You can also find her blog here!


Overlooked Pokemon is a blog founded by me, Robby, and Jenny to shine a spotlight on Pokemon that people just don't seem to use or remember. Though I don't contribute as much these days, Robby and Jenny are still keeping it updated and active!

The Digital Culture Repository is "A collection of priceless cultural artifacts funded by the Foundation for Preservation of Culture. May be NSFW and/or contain sensitive material; please be advised." and is curated by Jenny. It is honestly and truly a masterful work of art.

From the website itself: "The Duenkhy" is an original visual novel (created by Alyssa Leandra Dalangin) about a human living in a society of "duenkhy" (dwen•kai)—the non-humans.
This is the monster boy dating sim being made by my friend Alyssa! I'm super hyped for it! There's a playable demo available right now for you to play, so why don't you go download it? GO GO GO!

Another Pokemon project, PokéJAM is a wiki where Jenny and friends develop fake Pokémon! If you're a Pokémon fan, this might be a fun read!

Inside Jokes

A personal scrapbook of things my friends and I remember fondly. And with laughter.