The Jukebox

Welcome to my playlist page! Here I'm placing some of my most carefully curated playlists and sharing them for the world to see! Most of them are OC-inspired playlists but I have a couple of quirky "themed" playlists, too. In fact, why don't I start off with those?

The Ultimate Meme Playlist

A collection of songs that are or were associated with memes throughout the history of the internet. Play this one to baffle people. Or like, test your tolerance level for meme bullshit, it's up to you!

Tween Flashback

This one's a personal playlist centered around the kinds of music I listened to when I was in middle school. While it's intended to invoke my own nostalgia, I'm sure some of these songs will bring a bit of nostalgia to other folks my age, too. Especially if you were prone to self-indulgent daydreams!

Suyaya Suya (OC Playlist)

A playlist inspired by my Final Fantasy XIV Warrior of Light, Suyaya Suya. She is a Dunesfolk Lalafell and her main classes are Bard, Dark Knight, and Dragoon!