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Hey, cool, I'm glad you're interested in my music tastes enough to come here! Scroll on along and you can view all the playlists I have available! Most of them are video game themed, and I tend to favor making playlists that capture certain emotions.

Any playlist marked with a is open for suggestions!

(Playlists are organized by series release date. I highly recommending turning on shuffle for them!)

Featured Playlist

Video Game Casino/Carnival/Arcade Music by Onidrills

Want to be featured? Send an email to kissofcamine@gmail.com with the subject "Featured Playlist"!


Personal Favorite VGM

Some of my all-time top tracks from gaming!

Waltz Music

Video game music that could be considered a waltz. This is based on the actual composition and not song title.

Relaxing Video Game Music

Hand-picked video game tracks for studying, sleeping, and just generally chilling out. This one's my pride and joy and I'm always open to suggestions!