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Full Name Aquaries Val'Amoldo
Age 18 years old
Gender Male
Occupation Assistant Archivist
Situation Aquaries, our protagonist, enters the story after his uncle and mentor Amoldo goes missing while on a trip to study the Elysian Gate, a site of significant power that hasn't been observed or documented in centuries. While searching for clues behind his uncle's disappearance, Aquaries finds a package from his uncle addressed to him containing a letter with a valuable clue and a strange magical cloak that he is instructed to keep safe.
Motivation Aquaries wants to find his uncle and see to it that they both return to Vaholm College in one piece.

Appearance & Physical Details

Height 5'7"
Body Type/Build Aquaries is a skinny lad, he has trouble putting on weight
Hair Long, dark brown hair worn into a low ponytail.
Eyes Green
Distinguishing Marks Right eye is missing, so the empty socket is covered with a black eyepatch. Hints of a scar peek out below the eyepatch. He also has three piercings in his left ear.
Mannerisms Often seen resting his chin on his hand, thumb beneath the lower lip. He's also a nail-biter who took up finger knitting to give his fingers an alternative activity.
Health Physically, he is disabled due to his eye, but otherwise is healthy (though he could be healthier). Mentally, he struggles with depression and mild ADHD symptoms.

Mental Characteristics

Tone of Voice Quiet and calm.
Languages Vasguardan(native language), Traveler's Tongue (think "Common" in D&D)
Favorite Phrase “He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.”
Personality Aquaries is a calm and quiet person, much fonder of introspection than with socialization due to past awkwardness when interacting with his peers. He is quick to retreat from a fight, a flaw he finds to be embarrassing yet difficult to overcome.
Ambitions Aquaries values knowledge above all else, and he wants to learn as many things as he possibly can.
Greatest Fear Aquaries dreads being alone, where his more grim thoughts and feelings might get the best of him.
How does this character get along with other characters? Aquaries is socially awkward with most people, leaving most of his companionship needs to his childhood friend Rosalie and their mutual friend Calum, both of whom are patient with his need for reassurance and distraction from negative thoughts. He is grateful and tries to mind their own needs too.
Interests & Hobbies Finger-knitting, star-gazing, organizing

Character History

Birthplace Vaholm, Vasguard
Current Home Vaholm, Vasguard
Family Amoldo Val'Therra (uncle), Aleyda (mother, deceased)
Education Successfully completed his studies in Vaholm’s Magic Academy
Religion Though he only pays lip service to the gods, Aquaries is a follower of Zwelfianism.

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