The Treasure Vault

Welcome to my treasure vault! Here is where I'll be listing links to useful tools and websites that I find helpful in my own creative endeavours. Which is to say, accessible knowledge is the greatest treasure of all.


The following is a list of tools and resources for art I personally use and recommend!

  • FireAlpaca - Free digital painting software that also runs well on shitty old computers. It's really not a bad program to start with!
  • Krita - Free, open source, and developed by artists! Also has animation features, if that interests you!
  • Morpho: Anatomy for Artists - An EXCELLENT series of books for artists seeking to improve and diversify the kinds of bodies they depict in their art. This links to the entire series on Library Genesis, but I encourage you to purchase them if you can.
  • AdorkaStock - Also formerly known as SenshiStock, AdorkaStock is a gallery FILLED with images intended for use as pose reference to artists. The site I linked here also has a tool for generating a random pose for gesture sketching as well.
  • Unsplash and Pixabay - My go-to websites for royalty-free stock photos.
  • Piskel - A free online tool for making/animating pixel art.
  • KidPix - The classic art program for a generation of kids, now free and playable right in your browser!


The following is a list of pages I've found helpful in doing writing research or character development!

  • - An older but nonetheless incredibly useful website full of random generators and various articles on writing.
  • Fantasy Name Generators - Tons and tons of generators for helping name and describe things in your story. Despite the name, not just limited to fantasy fiction!
  • Nuclearstorms OC Question Generator - A nifty little generator that produces questions for your OCs. I find generators more useful than big long lists, since I get caught up easily on doing them "in order".
  • Diversity Style Guide - A resource for writing a multicultural world with sensitivity and respect.
  • Havocscope - Nifty little website for researching more criminal details such as black market prices. Great if you're writing something a bit more on the shady side.


Useful links for helping you build a website like this one!

  • Interneting Is Hard - Coding Tutorials!
  • - Coding Tutorials, and a searchable index with examples! Useful for more visual/hands-on learning!
  • Sadgrl's Layout Builder - The tool I used to put together a layout for this site! After setting one up, why not also take a peek at her Webmastery links as well?
  • CodePen - Live code editor for HTML, CSS, and Java. Since neocities doesn't have a live editor built in, you may want to consider this tool

Educational Resources & Activism

  • Right to Repair - What is Right to Repair and how can you help advocate for it.
  • Why NFTs Are Bad - An article that breaks down the negative impact of NFTs
  • Seeding Sovereignty - A collective dedicated to the decolonialization of native lands and supporting native communities
  • Snowflake Project - Help individuals in countries with internet censorship laws bypass censorship by volunteering your browser as a proxy!
  • Overdrive - Borrow ebooks and audiobooks right from your local library for FREE! All you need is your own library card!
  • Library Genesis - A collection and catalog of publicly available books and scientific articles.
  • Sci-Hub - Free and unrestricted access to any scientific journal you could ever need or want.
  • Against a User-Hostile Web - An article about how the modern internet commodifies our experience, and how we can take action to take back the web

Other Fun Things

Links that don't quite fit into the other categories, but I wanted to share nonetheless!

  • Labyrinthos - EXCELLENT resource for learning how to read and undestand tarot. It's run by one person so please go give her some love!
  • Vimm's Lair - A video game nostalgia site dedicated to the preservation of old games, including game manuals and guides!
  • Sitting on Clouds - Tons and tons of video game and anime OSTs.
  • NASA Images - Because space is FUCKING AWESOME!
  • Boil the Frog - Makes a playlist that seamlessly transitions between two musical artists of your choice.
  • GifCities - An archive of assorted gifs preserved from the geocities era, an absolute delight to explore!
  • - DRM-free indie games and tools, some free some paid. Probably doesn't need an introduction for some people but you never know!