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Hi there! I'm Robin, an artist, writer, and college student living in Indiana. I'm an avid consumer of all things fantasy and also spend a lot of my spare time playing video games. I like to make video game music playlists, though I also make playlists for my Original Characters on occasion. My current goals in life are to continue studying human services and someday I would like to actually finish writing my novel, Song of Sages. I'm also a little interested in making video essays, but that's an idea that's a little to the side compared to everything else. I love talking about my OCs and I tend to cycle through hyperfixations.


Song of Sages

A fantasy story about a young scholar who, after the disappearance of his uncle and guardian, is tasked with using an ancient divine power to seal away the realms of Elysia and Ribyss in order to prevent disaster and restore balance to his world. Highly character-focused. Basically the current iteration of a story world I've wanted to explore and share since I was very little.

Video Game Mood Music

An ongoing project I've had for a couple years in which I compile video game music by the emotions they invoke. Admittedly a little subjective, but as many people can attest, listening to sad music when you're sad is therapeutic, just like listening to happy music can help perk you up. Obviously I make no money doing this, I just think it's fun. I'm also always taking suggestions and you can find links to all of them on my Jukebox.

This Very Website!

I want this website to be a sort of centralized Zone for all the cool stuff I want to share with people. I also want to use this as a way of practicing my HTML & CSS skills since knowing how to code is an increasingly useful skill. Plus, this makes me nostalgic for the early internet when people would make websites for every gosh darn thing they could think of. Hey, maybe I'll make a shrine dedicated to the sparkliest geocities gifs I can find.